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{{COMING SOON}} A YouTube Channel + Website About Filipino (Literary) Works

I would like to announce an upcoming project that I have been working on for the past few months: a YouTube channel + website called {getlitfilam channel} (or, stylistically, getLITfilam)!!

{getLITfilam} is a space created for discussing works by and about Filipinx(*). At this point, we will focus on literary works–novels, poetry, memoirs, non-fiction articles, plays–through analysis and reviews, while also providing historical context and personal anecdotes that touch on “the Filipino experience”. In the future, I hope to include other narrative forms of media and interviews with authors, creators, and influencers from the community.

Currently, I am working with a team of amazing people to put this project together. It will be launched next month, so hopefully we will have things up and running by then!

To get an idea of what {getLITfilam} will be like, think of Thug Notes on Wisecrack meets various Anime review channels meets HappySlip (sorta) or swoozie06 (minus the animations, sorry~). But the influences run deeper than just favorite YouTube channels… Continue reading


AAWW: The State of Filipino-American Literature

From my former (but forever and always) internship at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop.

Regarding the publication of Kuwento: Lost Things, an anthology of Philippine myths retold, and writing about the FilAm experience.

I had the opportunity of meeting Jessica Hagedorn and asking her to (re)sign a copy of her book, Dogeaters. (I bought the book secondhand from a bookstore for a class, when I discovered that it was a signed copy from 2001. She kindly signed it, on another page, on the evening of the event.)

Pinay’Merican: Black Women Writers

Quick announcement: Since I’m continuing the sub-blog (which I received a grade of A — yaaay!), I added a new category so that all posts related to it can be found in one place.

Pinay’Merican is a series of personal entries about exploring identity, as a Filipino-American, an aspiring writer, and a millennial.

I have about two months to go until I graduate from college! Up to this point, I have become accustomed to the collegiate culture while also be introduced to “the real world”. I have been asked about my post-undergraduate plans, in which my answers vary. Not because “I have no idea,” but because “I have my own agenda and I don’t feel compelled to inform you about it.”

For the past three and a half years, I have fought a secret, silent battle of becoming a writer. In the guise of taking literature and theory courses to “enlighten my intellect” or to “fulfill credits for graduation,” I took note of things that will help me as a writer so that I can build confidence in myself and share it with a wide audience someday. Currently, I am mostly taking elective courses not just to fill up my schedule, but also to feed into my curiosity. One of the courses I am taking is “Black Women Writers”. Continue reading