Nefarious in the City (Nefii City)

A nomad-at-heart crossing the bridge between suburbia and the urban tundra.
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Nefarious in the City began as an idea for a personal video blog, documenting the life of a college student in New York City. A simple concept for a video blog, but the story was more complex.

I did not stay in a dorm or an apartment in the city. I commuted from what city residents call “upstate New York” (but really, I live just on the other side of the Hudson River). For four to five days a week, I commuted between the city campus and the suburban home I grew up in. Even after four years of following this routine, I still disliked it.

But there was an upside to this obscure college life: New York City. Since discovering my knack for creative writing in early adolescence, I have dreamed of moving to the city and becoming an established writer. You could say that I was at the first stage of turning my dream into reality, but I still have a long way to go…

This sub-blog illustrates my adventures, experiences, perceptions, and reflections of the college life, the city life, and the suburban life.

UPDATE: After long consideration, I have decided to pursue this project. The sub-blog will consist of photographs and videos collected during the last 5 years, accompanied by text posts in the form of vignettes. This way, I can tell my story in a way that is most comfortable to me and more approachable to you.

[last updated 04/26/17]


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