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{By the time this gets posted, it will already be February. I took my time with this one~~}

A belated Happy New Year to everyone who visits/passes by this space!

January has drawn to a close, but its pacing felt like the quiet snowfall we experienced in the last few weeks. (At least, in the case of living in the suburbs, which was a pleasant sight to see, but a bitter cold to feel…)

There are 11 more months to look forward to. Judging by the general consensus, this new year holds greater possibilities than in previous years; most people seem to be more optimistic about plans and hopes for 2018, given what had to be endured in the past few years that arose to social consciousness.

I am joining the positivity bandwagon set for this year, because it is of particular significance. It feels like crossing a threshold into adulthood, where the trial-run ends and there is no turning back to the comfort of adolescence. (Call to mind, signing up for a streaming service but also adding in a payment option, when the trial membership turns into a permanent one that charges monthly. That is what it will feel like from here on out.)  Continue reading


Five-Thousand, Five-Hundred and Ninety-Eight

— The number of words I have written for this year’s NaNoWriMo.

The goal was to reach 50,000 words by the end of November. But I failed… in a bittersweet way. I knew this would happen, knowing who I am and how I work. Despite the comparatively low number, I would say that this past month did not go to waste.  Continue reading