{I’ve had it up to here, and it’s not from the chestnut praline lattes…}

The one time I was able to become fully immersed in one of my readings (i.e., a class presentation due in two weeks!), I was snapped back into reality and trip into a spiraling panic… Continue reading

{checking in because I forget to do that}

Grad school and Manhattan excursions are what keep me busy and tired. Strangely, both make me miss being in the suburbs more often than in previous years (as an undergraduate). Maybe it is because I am getting older and the appeal to lead an exciting 20-something-year-old life is losing its appeal (my constant stomach troubles are a major indicator–I cannot tolerate sugar or beef like I used to…). I am nearing 30, which seems a little far ahead, but I will get there before I know it! Continue reading